rise plus

10 large ultra-thin, easy-to-open latex condoms
Only available in the US

Made at one of the best condom manufacturers in the world, our large ultra-thin condoms are made without harmful chemicals, do not contain spermicide and are fragrance-free. Electronically triple tested for safety, they're FDA-approved, made from 100% natural latex and feature easy-to-open buttercup packaging. (No more ripping wrappers or guessing which way is up).

○ FDA 510(K) cleared
○ Electronically triple tested 

  • Quantity: 10 condoms

  • Made with 100% natural latex in Malaysia

  • Electronically triple-tested for safety

  • Easy-to-open buttercup packaging

  • FDA-approved

  • Fragrance-free

  • Ultra thin

  • Spermicide-free

  • FDA 510(k) approved

Natural latex, cornstarch powder, silicone lubricant. 

7.48"/190mm x 2.20"/56mm
Thickness is 0.075+/-0.010mm

Latex condoms are an effective form of contraception. If used properly, latex condoms will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia infections, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis.

To open, carefully peel back the top of the buttercup packaging on the condom with your hands. Never use your teeth. The condom is right way up, so carefully use your fingers to pull it out of the package ensuring that the pointy part of the condom faces away from the tip of the penis before you put it on. Squeeze the pointy end of the condom so that there’s no air trapped inside. If there is trapped air, you risk the condom splitting. Additionally, it's critical to make sure you put the condom on when the penis is fully erect, as you want to make sure it fits correctly and there are no baggy spots. We recommend always using lubricant on the outside of the condom as not only does extra lubricant increase sensitivity, but it also helps to prevent any breakages.

If you are uncircumcised, pull back the foreskin before keeping one hand at the head of the penis with the end of the condom between your forefinger and thumb, and use the other to roll the condom on all the way down the shaft to the base. Note: If the condom will not unroll, you have it inside out and you will need to use a new condom.

When done, hold the condom at the base while you are still erect so that it doesn't slip off. Then, when fully withdrawn, take the condom off. Dispose of it carefully in the trash bin—never in the toilet. Use a new condom for each act of sex.

Is rise gluten-free? 
rise is also free of glycerin, parabens, spermicide and harmful chemicals. 

What is the rise condom length/width? 
The length of rise plus is 
7.48"/190mm and the width is 2.09"/56mm. The thickness is approximately 0.075+/-0.010mm. Our rise condom is ultra thin, plain, parallel-sided, and smooth.

How safe are your condoms?
Our condoms are approved by the FDA as Class II medical devices. We work with the top factory in the world, which has been producing award-winning contraception for the last 20+ years. When used correctly, condoms are an effective form of contraception (98%) and can help to reduce the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

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"These are inconspicuous enough to leave out on your nightstand."
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