In every casino, the most popular machine is the roulette. In Internet versions of casino like you can watch casino reviews – and find out that roulette controls probability and set the random number generator. A computer program generates random numbers, without any algorithm benefits. This suggests that it is possible to calculate according to the formulas of probability and to anticipate. People with a mathematical education came up with a valid system, giving the win to the roulette in a casino.
The system is built on logical laws. One or more numbers can often not be a very long time. Take, for example, the first number that came to light in memory – 1, 5, or 44. No difference. Talk about the dozen, they change periodically.
The second dozen are the numbers 13 to 24;
The third dozen consists of numbers from 25 to 36;
Your win one dozen is equal to 1 to 3 according to the expected value. So, with a rate of$ 30 for one score, if you win, you will get 90$.
The trick is as follows. Calculate the dozen, which have already dropped at least a couple of times. Let it be the third dozen.
Put 2$ for a score, which no longer falls out. You have example this is the third dozen.
If it doesn’t come, put 6$ on the same dozen. If you win, you get 6$, because of 1 to 3.
If you lose, you should bet 6$. If you win, will return your bet and earn 1K3.
If lost again, bet 12$, because a dozen has not come up yet.
If not dropped, set of 24$. For example, again with no luck but this system is considered to be bad luck is just luck.
Often, at this stage, the dozen should fall out. You will win back all your previous bets, and the profit will amount to 48$! Otherwise, you also have more benefits, because the more you will be able to make by following this system, the more cash will be expressed winning. So now feel free to put 48$.
Make 48$, then of$ 96. Regardless of the result, make the 192$. Happy dozen falls. You will get all your bets made in advance and will benefit nearly two hundred dollars. What if the rate is not dropped? Of course, to play on. At this stage, I can’t stop. Before the victory now is a step.
Put 384$.
Put 800$. But up to ten steps you probably will not come, because the dozen will fall out before.